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The Open Chair Volunteer Program is a unique opportunity offered by Studio.No.1 for aspiring cosmetologists who have recently obtained their cosmetology license. The program is designed to help new cosmetologists build confidence and gain experience in a real salon environment.


By participating in this program, you will have access to an open chair, allowing you to practice your styling skills on real clients and build your brand as a professional stylist. This practical experience will be essential as you progress in your career, and the program will give you a competitive edge in the job market.


Our Open Chair Volunteer Program is highly beneficial for aspiring cosmetologists as it offers real salon experience without requiring you to take on the full responsibilities of leasing  your own private suite or Chair. You will have the chance to work alongside experienced stylists and learn from them while expanding your technical skills.


Furthermore, the program provides you with a unique opportunity to build relationships and network in the salon industry. You will gain potential clients who will keep coming back with confidence knowing that they can count on your services to be nothing but excellent.


Studio.No.1 prides itself on being a supportive and enriching environment for cosmetologists. Our space is equipped with state-of-the-art tools, resources, and products required for a successful salon environment. We also provide mentorship to assist you in every step of the way.


Additionally, the Open Chair Volunteer Program provides you with access to professional development opportunities and industry events to help you stay informed on the latest trends and techniques in the industry. Studio.No.1 is committed to your progress and career growth.







STUDIO.NO.1 Hair Replacement Salon                     

38780 Trade Center Drive Suite 2H            

Palmdale Ca, 93551                    





The Open Chair Volunteer Program at Studio.No.1 operates in a structured yet flexible way, designed to accommodate the needs of aspiring cosmetologists while preparing them for real-life salon situations. 


                                                      Here's how our program works:


1. Apply: First, aspirants need to apply for the program. Applicants undergo an interview where they discuss their qualifications, interests, and goals with our experienced cosmetologists. They also get a chance to learn more about the program, its requirements, and the day-to-day operations of the salon.


2. Orientation: Once accepted, the volunteer participates in an orientation to the salon's protocols, policies, and the stylist's service menu. Our experienced team presents all of the salon and beauty products that the salon uses and how to use them, the proper techniques, and standard procedures. You will also learn about how to communicate with clients professionally.


3. Job Shadow: After the orientation, the volunteer can observe and shadow an experienced stylist in action, learn the Salon's scripting, develop their skills, and become comfortable with the techniques and salon standards. Volunteers receive mentoring from salon staff, building their new professional circle.


4. Volunteer Practice: The program includes three days where the volunteer will practice and assist with the salon's Reception. These off-chair days are mutually beneficial for the salon to keep everything running smoothly and for the volunteers to observe experienced stylists at work, learn proper customer service, and offer polished results.


In order to become eligible to have the chair for the additional three days a week, volunteers must commit to volunteering 3 days per week assisting the front desk duties. During the three days that they have the chair, volunteers may have their own clients, in Addition any product sales or hair sales will go to volunteer. Additionally, volunteers can make money by assisting other stylist in the salon as a Junior Stylist or Stylist Assistant as a Independent Contractor, This gives them the ability to learn the ins and outs of a working salon environment and acquire the knowledge needed to become a successful professional hair stylist or barber.



5. Chair Access: Once equipped with the proper knowledge and possessing the confidence needed to work in a salon setting, the volunteer receives three days of open chair availability to book their clients. During these days, the volunteers set their availability to determine their work schedules, set prices for their services, and create their salon branding. They can start taking clients and earning perks like tips, their reputation grows within the salon, among clients and peers.



In conclusion: Studio No.1 Open Chair Volunteer program aims to provide structured yet flexible training and mentorship to aspiring cosmetologists, preparing them for their careers in a full-service salon. Participants receive orientation, job shadow, chair access and volunteer practice, all of which provide valuable exposure to the industry and what it entails while building your skillset and portfolio the Open Chair Volunteer Program is an excellent opportunity for aspiring cosmetologists to build their skills and gain valuable experience in a real salon environment. Studio.No.1 has so much to offer, including resources, mentorship, and professional development opportunities, all with the goal of helping you build a successful career in the salon industry. Contact us today to learn more and get started!



                                                           Benefits to Volunteers


A. A Safe Space to Develop Skills


1. Offers a safe and supportive space for volunteers to try out new styles and refine their skills.

2. Volunteers have access to a licensed stylist to ask questions and receive feedback.

3. We are the only Salon of our kind in this area Hair replacement is a very unique Passion, Learning these skills will just add to your resume.


B. Opportunities to Learn and Advance


1. Volunteers receive ongoing education, training, and mentorship from experienced professionals.

2. The program provides opportunities for volunteer stylists to advance into Junior Stylist or Stylist Assistant roles.


C. Additional Income through Client Appointments


1. When volunteers have clients in their chair, they can charge for the services they provide (e.g., haircuts, color treatments, etc.).

2. The program also offers opportunities for volunteers to assist with or shadow other stylists for a fee.

3. Receiving over flow clients from other stylist. 


D. Product Sales


1. Volunteers can make additional income by selling salon-quality hair care products to clients during their appointments.

2. They can also learn about the products and provide personalized product recommendations for each client's hair type and styling needs.


                                                        Benefits to the Community


A. Affordable and Professional Services


1. Offers clients access to high-quality hair care services at an affordable rate.

2. Volunteers learn and practice skills that enhance the experience of salon clients.

3. Volunteers receive 50% off all classes hosted by SN1. Hair Extensions, Women Toppers, and Mens Hair Replacement.

4. Volunteers may receive appreciation gifts.


B. Giving Back to the Community


1. Volunteer hours contribute to the positive image of the salon and the larger community.

2. Volunteers learn about the importance of community engagement and can become advocates for giving back.


C. Support for Emerging Talent


1. Volunteers can develop and hone their skills with the guidance and mentorship of experienced professionals.

2. The program prepares them for future job opportunities in the industry.





The Open Share Volunteer Program provides opportunities for volunteers to advance their skills while offering affordable and professional hair care services to the community. Volunteers can make additional income through client appointments, product sales, and assisting other stylists. They also receive ongoing education and training, mentorship, and opportunities for personal growth and development. This program serves as an excellent opportunity to support emerging talent while fostering community engagement.


To conclude, the hair care industry is very competitive and hard to get into. It can take up to 3-5 years to build a solid clientele and most stylists have to pay rent for their space. This can be very stressful if they have no clients in a given week. However, the Open Share Volunteer Program is a game-changer for aspiring stylists. The program offers a stable environment to refine skills and receive ongoing education and training from experienced professionals without the additional stress of space rental fees. Volunteers can gain valuable experience by building their clientele through this program and can even make some additional income through client appointments and product sales. After 12 months in the program, volunteers typically have a decent-sized clientele, which sets them on the path to be successful and ready to work at any salon without worrying about rent expenses. Overall, the Open Share Volunteer Program provides an excellent opportunity for future stylists to develop their skills, build a clientele, and create a successful path in the competitive hair care industry.






STUDIO.NO.1 Hair Replacement Salon                     

38780 Trade Center Drive Suite 2H            

Palmdale Ca, 93551                    


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